Fraternity Snoqualmie Press Release Sent To Phil Donahue
by Georgia Morrow, past employee at Fraternity Snoqualmie

[This statement is relevant because FS claimed they were a safe camp at the time this was written. Nikki Craft]

In 1994 I received a request from a former member of Fraternity Snoqualmie. He requested that I forward to the Phil Donahue Show any information about the camp.

 Upon his request, I wrote a letter to the producer and told him what I knew about the camp after working in the F.S. office and living at the camp. The following statement is loosely based on the original letter that I wrote though it has been restructured and rewritten to reflect my current ideas and information for release on R.N.

 The enclosed incidents occurred at a Northwest Nudist park, Fraternity Snoqualmie, Issaquah, Washington. Located 25 miles east of Seattle.

A check of membership records showed that six convicted child molesters have obtained membership in this club in the last ten years.

One, Jack Onefrey was a 5 year member and served on the Board. Currently he’s in prison with a release date in Sept. 94. He brought his victim to this park. He also, while being a member molested a child and was arrested. He appealed his sentence, all while continuing his membership.

Since opening to the public and offering a “Bare Buns Fun Run” and a “Nudestock” festival put on by a local radio station, sexual incidents go unreported to police, neighbors and the daycare at the end of the road, sexual incidences have increased in number. From actively assaulting women to fondling, to the reported incident in the information enclosed re: masturbation in the hot tub in front of two small children.

Fraternity Snoqualmie has NEVER called police to report these incidents. Child molesters have gotten the message that a nudist club is the place to go for what they want-children and it's certainly better when they are nude.

Bernard Dr*w [I'm researching this particular case and don't want to publish the name until I have done so, thought I do believe this information to be accurate. Nikki Craft], a man who was introduced to FS by his girlfriend refused to fill out a state patrol form for membership. Several months later his girlfriend called crying, saying she had just learned that he was a sex offender and that is why he had refused to sign the state patrol check. He was allowed in the park for that whole summer even though he had given one excuse after another for not filling out the form. She cried as she told me that she felt guilty for bringing him up to the club all summer. She told me she wanted to send the club a photo so, hopefully, he wouldn't be allowed in anymore by management. I asked her to mail the photo to me which I turned over to the Executive Board. What happened after that is anyone's guess.

The woman also told me that Dr*w was going to start going to Oregon clubs, and she wanted to know if she should notify them as well. I told her yes.

There is much secrecy that shrouds the nudist camp's Board of Directors [There still is, 2005.] One instance that happened at F.S. that I witnessed that was particularly disturbing was when one member's girlfriend joined secretly. Unlike normal membership applications which are voted upon  by the membership in open meetings, hers was processed in a closed door Executive Board meeting. The paper trail was wiped out so as to keep the knowledge of her attending a nudist park _with her daughter_ a secret from her ex-husband. The daughter was attending the camp on a regular basis even with the on-going problem of pedophiles.

There are no policies in place to deal with these incidents. Very often, the only consequence for pedophiles will be that they are asked to leave the club if their sexual "preference" and/or prior conviction/s are/is discovered.

After that pedophiles are free to move on to another nudist camp where they are unknown to the membership who are mostly never informed of these matters. Or, in some cases, the man can return to that very camp after new management takes over, and the history of his actions are forgotten. This happens because the general membership of the club is often not informed why the pedophile was asked to leave-even if the man has been convicted of a sex crime against a child.

This problems are ongoing. There are no safeguards in place to prevent sexual deviants from admittance.  There is gate security, but anyone can walk in if they’re pleasant and willing to spend money. The members are expected to police the club themselves. During the whole time I was there, despite numerous instances, the police were never called by management or anyone else. It was always understood that problems should be handled discreetly. The members of this park are extremely reluctant to talk of this because it threatens their existence and their homes, which creates a conspiracy of silence which causes a false sense of security to future visitors and possible members and their children.

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Roger Reed Baker, Current Member at Fraternity Snoqualmie (2005)
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(This material is provided without profit for research and educational purposes.)

Wayne Silsbee is currently sought by the FBI MOST WANTED, (11.04). Silsbee has been a visitor at Fraternity Snoqualmie, and has, according to him, taken children to the camp on several occasions. If any FS, or anyone else, recognize his photo, and have any additional information please contact the FBI.

Write to Nikki Craft if you have further information about this situation.

Several of relevant case numbers regarding Franternity Snoqualmie. 

Jack Onefrey: Case Number: 90-1-01505-6
Onefrey is on the American Sunbathing Association Caution List. 83-1-0775-2

Here's an excerpt from the Executive Board Meeting Records date: 6/28/92: Page 2 

Activities and Entertainment--Chuck Hutchins announced that there will be a lingerie party in the clubhouse or on the deck at 5 or 6 pm on August 22 (Saturday after Nudestock.) A potluck will be held before the lingerie party. (Roger Baker was in charge of Security at this public event.  

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