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The finding of this report is that Baker "does (emphasis theirs) conform to the statutory definition of the sexual psychopath". He was "assigned the diagnosis of: Paraphilia, pedophilia."

In 1993, after learning of these charges, the Fraternity Snoqualmie Board voted to retain Baker as a member. The board members who voted to keep him were Chris Lawrence, Larry Mohrman, Chuck Hutchins, Del Moore, Steve Smith, Art Panneck and Pat Lowe. To this day Baker is still a member of the camp and over the years club members, and even members of the Board have lied to protect Baker and kep him on at the club. Club management has place Baker in charge of "security" at numerous of their public events and he in currently in charge of the Fraternity Snoqualmie computer system. Baker even has a pending application, and is next in line, to become a permanent resident at the camp. Baker, and his current wife, who is on the FS Board are swingers who attend "New Horizons" a swinger club in Lynwood Washingon.

The Honorable Stephen M. Reilley
Superior Court for King County
King County Courthouse
Seattle, Washington 98104

May 25, 1982

Re: Baker, Roger Reed
Re: Cause No. 80-1-02391

Dear Judge Reilley:

Mr. Roger Baker was admitted to the Sex Offender Program at Western State Hospital for a 90 day period of observation and evaluation on March 26, 1982, to determine the existence of sexual psychopathy. On September 17, 1980, Mr. Baker pled guilty to the charge of statutory rape in the third degree.

The current offense occurred in the early spring of 1979 which involved Mr. Baker with his stepdaughter, age 13, about 4:30 p.m. Mr. Baker's stepdaughter came home from school complaining of a pain in her back due to playing softball. She indicated that her muscles were sore and asked Mr. Baker to put some lotion on her back. She then removed her tee shirt and Mr. Baker told her to take her brassiere off because it was in the way. His stepdaughter told him that this was not necessary, but Mr. Baker insisted so she removed her brassiere. Mr. Baker then rubbed the lotion on her back and stomach as she was laying on her bed, in the bedroom, on her stomach. Mr. Baker's stepdaughter indicates that he then had her roll on to her back, and he began to rub her breasts. She states that she is unable to remember whether he used lotion on her breasts or not, but she thinks he rubbed her breasts for about five minutes. Mr. Baker then removed her shorts and panties. At that time the stepdaughter asked why he took them off and he replied, "Don't you want me to rub you?" She indicated by saying, "No, I don't want you to", but he removed her shorts anyway. Mr. Baker's stepdaughter then states that he bent over and put his tongue into her vagina. At that time she again said, "Don't do that", but he did not stop. She then states that he removed all of his clothing so that he was completely naked. Mr. Baker then laid down beside her on his back, took her hands and placed them on his erect penis and stated, "rub me. " He then took a hold of her head and pulled it down onto his penis forcing his penis into her mouth. She states that he kept her head on his penis until he ejaculated into her mouth. Mr. Baker then asked her not to tell her mother. Mr. Baker's stepdaughter indicates that this type of behavior began when she was 9 years old and continued up to the age of 13. When Mr. Baker and his wife separated and became divorced, the stepdaughter indicates that she spent almost every weekend with Mr. Baker. She states that there was only one bed in his apartment and no sofa, so they slept together in the same bed. She states that she slept in her nightgown and he always slept in only a tee shirt. She states that it was not uncommon for Mr. Baker to walk in front of her with only his tee shirt on. She also states that he always made her dress and undress in front of him so that he could see her naked. Mr. Baker's stepdaughter states that she was 15 years old during the separation and divorce. She states that she finally became so upset around the weekends that she told her friend about this activity. This friend told his parents who convinced Mr. Baker's stepdaughter to turn this matter over to the Auburn Police Department. In July of 1980, Mr. Baker was arrested for third degree statutory rape. In December of 1980, Mr. Baker PLED GUILTY TO THE CHARGE OF THIRD DEGREE STATUTORY RAPE. Mr. Baker then began treatment with Northwest Treatment Associates and was informed by them that he could not stay over night at his house with his second wife, due to the fact that she had a minor female, age 10, and a minor male, age 9. Mr. Baker chose to spend a night there at which time his probation was revoked, and in September of 1981 he spent 30 days in the King County Jail. Mr. Baker, then contacted his stepdaughter on two different occasions and states that his wife had an emergency and he had to stay overnight again in the house. Mr. Baker's probation was again revoked and he spent five months in the King County Jail starting in October of 1981 until his admission to Western State Hospital's Sex Offender Program on March 26, 1982.

Upon admission to Western State Hospital, Mr. Baker began our standard evaluation process which includes both assessment and treatment. He was evaluated by professional staff members concerning the psychiatric, psychological, social and medical elements relative to his sexual offending. He remained on a locked ward where he was observed as he participated in treatment with a functioning treatment group of committed sexual psychopaths. Their schedule includes approximately 30 hours of group psychotherapy treatments each week. During the patient's observation period, his treatment group also gives their opinion to the staff relative the question of sexual psychopathy. In addition to the data gathered from these standard procedures, we have obtained the routine prosecutorial matters including a report form Northwest Treatment Associates, Seattle, Washington; a report from Alice Gross, M.S.W., Child Protective Service, Kent Washington; a report from Norman R. Matski, Ph.D Seattle, Washington; a report from Marsha Medows, P.O. Auburn, Washington; and a report from the victim and the Auburn Police Department. Our conclusions and recommendations result from the combining of the data from these various sources.

The primary evaluation question addressed was, does Mr. Baker conform to the statutory definition of a sexual psychopath.

Mr. Baker revealed a pattern of sexual deviancy beginning at the age of 12. At the age of 12, he began having fantasies of fondling and seeing a female cousin, age 12, nude and he was masturbating to those fantasies. At the age of 13, he fondled his female cousin and discussed with her having sexual intercourse with her. However, he states that he refused her. At the age of 14, he began to read pornographic material (Playboy) and would masturbate to fantasies around the pictures. At the age of 16, he had his first sexual experience and this type of sexual activity lasted for 18 months with a same age female. At the age of 17 through 20, he indicates that there were no more sexual relationships with same age females. Also, he indicates that he was attending pornographic movies on occasions. At the age of 21, he joined the United States Army and became involved with prostitutes. He also had sexual intercourse with a minor female, age 15. At the age of 23, in July of 1969, he married his first wife. He indicates having a good sexual relationship until they began having marital problems, at the age of 25 through 27, which led him into dating ex-girl friends and having sexual relationships with them. At the age of 28 through 29, he became involved with his stepdaughter, age 9. This involved him removing his clothing and having her do the same, at which time he would perform oral sodomy, fondle and put his penis into her mouth until he ejaculated. This type of sexual activity continued on 24 different occasions until she was age 12. At the age of 30, he continued fighting with his wife and started going to massage parlors, pornographic movies and became involved with pornographic magazines. He states that he continued having fantasies of his stepdaughter, age 12 at this time. At the age of 31, he had sexual intercourse with a female, approximately age 17. At the age of 31 through 32, he indicates having normal sexual activities with adult females same age. At the age of 33, his stepdaughter, age 13, turned him in the Child Protective Services in Auburn, Washington at which time it was turned over to the Auburn Police Department. At the age of 35, he was charged with third degree statutory rape. Also, he was separated from his wife at which time his stepdaughter, age 15, was living with him on the weekends. In his apartment he had only one bed and no sofa, so he and his stepdaughter would sleep together. She states that she was wearing her nightgown but he always slept just in a tee shirt. He reported noticing her being "sexy" and he had desires for her. He always made her dress and undress in front of him so that he could see her naked. At the age of 36, he married his present wife in September of 1980. His present wife has two children from her previous marriage, one minor male, age 9, and one minor female, age 10. Mr. Baker had been in treatment with Northwest Treatment Associates and was informed by them that he could not spend a night in that house while in treatment. However, on two occasions he chose to do that, for which he had two probation revocation hearings For the first revocation he spent one month in the King County Jail and for the second revocation he spent five months in the King County Jail, which started in October of 1981 and lasted until he was admitted in the sex offenders program at Western State Hospital on March 26, 1982.

Mr. Bakers personality profile suggests that he is defensive and inclined not to admit personal problems but to present a socially adequate and morally righteous image. His is highly favorable in presentation of himself which suggests limited insight and minimization of responsibility for his conduct. Mr. Baker shows an above average tested ability, which suggests sufficient ability to handle the conceptual demands of the treatment program.

The definition of a sexual psychopath, according to R.C.W. 71.06 states that this person "is affected in a form of psychoneurosis or in a form of psychopathic personality, which form predisposes such a person to the commission of a sexual offense in a degree constituting a menace to the health and safety of others". The Sex Offender Program feels our responsibility for identifying the sexual psychopath is to discover those elements in a person 's behavioral history and personality makeup which, in fact, predispose that person to sexual crimes. The prediction of future behavior is imprecise but, in our opinion, the best single indicator of future dangerous sexual behavior is a clear history of past dangerous sexual behavior.

On May 12, 1982, the Sex Offender Program Treatment Staff reviewed Mr. Baker's case and determined the following specific conclusions and recommendations.

1. Mr. Baker DOES conform to the statutory definition of the SEXUAL PSYCHOPATH.

2. He has been assigned the diagnosis of: PARAPHILIA, PEDOPHILIA.

Given the recent State versus Bunich decision, it is our understanding that in keeping with the law, if the court finds Mr. Baker a sexual psychopath, he must be recommitted. If he is returned to us, we will continue to process of evaluating him relative to amenability to treatment and forward a second report to the court no later that 90 additional days past recommitment.

We hope our conclusions and recommendations have been helpful to the court in this matter. Mr. Baker's evaluation is now complete and he is available for transport at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Gary Shepherd, B.S.
Therapy Supervisor

Maureen Saylor, M.A. Director
Sex Offender Program

M.M Vitols, M.D.
Acting Clinical Director


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