DALE GENO BAKER, former Fraternity Snoqualmie Nudist Park member with multiple complaints regarding inappropriate sexual behavior at the camp. [Not to be confused with Roger Reed Baker, another sex offender, who is currently a very active member at the camp.]

In summer of 1982, during a function at Fraternity Snoqualmie Nudist Camp, Dale "Geno" Baker was caught taking surreptitious photographs of camp members. A complaint was formally filed against Baker for his "violation of Fraternity Snoqualmie Photography Rule during 'Sea Fair' Weekend".

According to a letter dated August 12, 1982, on Fraternity Snoqualmie Stationery, Board Members met at their August 1st meeting to discuss the violation of the rules by Dale Geno Baker.

This letter, written to Baker, stated: "The Board unanimously voted to place you on probation and denies you the privilege of using or possessing a camera on the grounds of Fraternity Snoqualmie." Baker was not allowed to photograph. However, even after this abuse of other camp member's privacy the board did allow him to continue his Fraternity Snoqualmie membership and he continued to visit the camp.

In 1989 there was a second official complaint filed against Baker. (We do not know how many other complaints might have been made in the intervening seven years.) According to a signed statement by a Fraternity Snoqualmie member, and his visitor, who witnessed "a member--later identified as "Geno" Baker--who was in the hot tub with an erection, playing with himself, while watching a group of young girls using the waterslide".

This complaint against Baker, dated June 3, 1989, was given to the FS Executive Board. There is no indication that any action was taken by the Board against Baker who was once again allowed to retain his membership at FS.

Later that same year, a third complaint was filed against Dale Baker by Fraternity Snoqualmie member Randy Roeges. In a letter dated September 4, 1989 and addressed to Rich Cummings, the then President of FS, Roeges wrote:

"I entered the hot tub with my children [daughter, four and son, six]; we had been swimming and needed to warm up. There were two men and a woman also present. Shortly after we arrived, one man and the woman left. As the tub was quite hot, we were spending a lot of time sitting on the edge of the tub. The other party [Dale Baker] in the tub didn't come out at all. He seemed to be busied with something else. That something else was obviously masturbation. The bubbles and jets not withstanding, the act was obvious".

Roeges stated in the letter that he immediately removed his children from the hot tub and located Charlie Anderson, an FS representative. He stated in the letter to the FS Board that he was able to identify the perpetrator and then filed the said complaint.

Roeges closed his letter stating:

"Sexually explicit acts in the immediate presence of minor children is criminal and felonious". He demanded Baker's immediate expulsion from the club.    

Finally, after two previous disturbing incidents and complaints, the Executive Board met and took decisive  ;-) action. In a letter dated September 17,1989, signed by the secretary Fern Pennell, the Board (in an outstandingly brave and Courageous action to protect and serve their members) voted unanimously to immediately "expel" Dale Baker.

Baker was officially informed by mail of his expulsion. At the bottom of the letter Fraternity Snoqualmie claimed by way of their "cc" that they were notifying the American Sunbathing Association, Northwest Sunbathing Association, and NSA Member Clubs. Considering the camps past false claims in this regard (See Roger Reed Baker & Jack Onefry.) we seriously doubt they ever did any of this. Dale Geno Baker is not on the American Association for Nude Recreation's (AANR was American Sunbathing Association) "Caution List".