THOMAS KELLY [aka Tom Kelley]
by Nikki Craft

    There is more than one professional photographer whose last name is properly spelled "Kelley," and "Kelly" most notable are a fine arts photographer from Los Angeles and another who is an automotive photographer/writer working throughout the U.S. These photographers are [emphatically so, I might add] not involved in nudism, so please do not confuse them with Mr. Kelly. They are repulsed, and are concerned that their valid reputations as a photographers not be impugned by Mr. Kelly's actions.
    Thomas Kelly, a long-time employee of Sears in Los Angeles or surrounding areas, music collector and naturist/nudist photographer spelled his legal name as Tom Kelley when involved with naturist photography activities. However, his legal name is Thomas Kelly according to police records. Nudists and naturists frequently go by aliases and false names so this was never checked into even though he was the official photographer for national naturist organizations including The Naturist Society and took many published photos of naturist/nudist children for their magazine. After his arrest, his name, was spelled Kelley and Kelly as a result of his duplicity. For the sake of continuity I will use his legal spelling in this document except when quoting other articles.--NC

One thing Tom Kelly and other photographers prove is that the only way nudist parents can really protect their children from exploitative photographers is to stand smack-dab in front of them when a picture is taken. --Nikki Craft

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