Doctor's arrest upsets his nudist neighbors
By ADAM NOSSITER, St. Petersburg Times Staff Writer

LAND O'LAKES-Resident of a Pasco nudist resort are "extremely upset' about the jailing of one of their neighbors, Dr. Dale Dubin, on child pornography charges, a resort official said Monday.
     Dubin, a well-known plastic surgeon in Tampa, bought a $104,000 condominium in the Paradise Lakes resort in 1984 but rarely used it, vice president Chuck Foster said. The luxuriously furnished condominium was searched by postal authorities last Mondav but they found no pornography, the official said.
     But in a search of Dubin's $310,000 house in Lutz, police found more than 200 explicit films and videotapes, including videos of preteens in sexual acts. Dubin, 46 was arrested and jailed last Monday night in Tampa. On Friday, he surprised his lawyers by opting not to seek bail, and is now in the custody of U.S. Marshals at a secret location.
     He was charged with two counts of receiving child pornography through the mail and one count of using the mail to distribute obscene material.
     Although few at the resort knew him, the residents are "very upset, extremely upset, because they don't want any black mark on our community," Fosler said in an interview.
     Paradise Lakes, the second largest nudist resort in the country, is self-conscious about its image. The 4-year-old resort bills itself as a family place, and a sign by the swimming pool says overt sexual behavior is not allowed. "Overt sexuality is not condoned," a brochure says. Applicants are screened before being allowed in, according to the brochure.
     Both Foster and general manager James Lake said Dubin came to his condominium only a few times during the year. Neighbors said they never saw him.
     "The man's a recluse," Foster said. He said he had never met the doctor.
     Dubin has already been barred from the club, and the condominium owners association will consider his expulsion at its next meeting, said Foster.
     Residents have been thankful that the doctor's connection to Paradise Lakes had so far not been noted, Foster said. "We have to be protective as far as the people who live here are concerned," he said. "They like to be anonymous."

Dale Dubin Sentenced To Five Years
Proprietary to the United Press International 1987
March 7, 1987

A federal judge sentenced millionaire plastic surgeon Dale B. Dubin to five years in prison for what the judge called an obsession with pornography and cocaine that turned the doctor's life into a tragedy.

      U.S. District Judge William J. Castagna told Dubin at a sentencing hearing Friday he could not see how a ''person of your talent, ability, education and interest in art,'' could have turned his life into such a ''tragedy and waste of such a rare and needed talent.''
      Dubin pleaded guilty six weeks ago to 22 counts of child pornography and cocaine charges.
      Eleven of the drug counts involved a 16-year-old girl who was seduced by Dubin with the help of pills and vodka and eventually agreed to participate in sexual encounters with Dubin, another 17-year-old girl and a 23-year-old woman.
      Dubin videotaped some of the encounters for his pleasure. The incidents took place at two of his condominiums and the Pasco County nudist resort of Paradise Lake.
      He is expected to serve his time in a minimum security facility where he will be able to receive drug counseling.
      U.S. Attorney Robert W. Merkle, who prosecuted the case, told Castagna that no crimes ''are more violent than the use of child pornography and the distribution of narcotics.'' He said Dubin's attempt to minimize his activities as just a ''lifestyle'' was a ''new low in euphemisms.''
      Merkle said it was particularly aggravating that Dubin used his medical knowledge to satisfy his own appetite and risk the lives and mental health of his victims.
      Dubin, 47, stood with his head bowed throughout the 40-minute hearing Friday. Except for a few mumbled words about a letter to the judge, he did not say anything.
      In that letter, Dubin complained of the ''lurid display'' of his case by prosecutors and claimed details of his activities were ''egregiously distorted'' by the press. He also spoke of his sexual escapades as examples of ''an occasional clandestine soiree.''
      Dubin was arrested Aug. 11 at the mansion in Lutz, Fla. he called Hassle Free, after being sucked into a child pornography sting by sending off a $100 bill to buy films including ''Barbarian Girls.''
      The Dubin story received extensive news coverage as his doctors unsuccessfully tried to have him committed to a mental hospital for treatment of what they called potentially suicidal depression, and Merkle countered by adding details of the case into the court record.