Victim's Mother Rejects Lies 

[F.Y.I.: This is not the same woman who wrote "Regrets of A Nudist Mother."]  

The letter published below was mailed to Sequoians Family Nudist Camp general membership by Kelley Figueroa on 30 June 1989. She received no reply from the Board of Directors or the Sequoians membership.  

Dear Sequoians Members: 
You may remember me as Kay of Dee and Kay. We helped produce several issues of The Sequoians Sunshine in 1988. We considered becoming members of your club until one of your members, Calvin Brugge, molested my daughter.  
    On 6 June 1989 Calvin Brugge was convicted of four counts of felony child molestation, including one count which occurred on Sequoians property (in Steve Toothaker's trailer).    
    Louise Flanagan has claimed that Calvin Brugge is no longer a member of the Sequoians. The same claim was made to my husband in September of 1988. To the best of my knowledge he purchased a trailer on club property on October 9th 1988. The trailer was purchased in spite of Mary Quinn's knowledge that Calvin Brugge had molested my daughter. In addition to this the Board of the Sequoians even requested that he stay on as editor of The Sequoian Sunshine after they became aware of Calvin Brugge's molestation of my daughter.  
    In February of this year we called the American Sunbathing Association and were informed that Calvin Brugge had resigned his club membership in January. At the trial it came out that he resigned in February. I can't tell you if he will resume club membership when he is released from jail. However, he and Tim Wilcox, another member of your club who is currently charged with child molestation, and has prior convictions for similar offenses, have received a great deal of support from Ms. Flanagan.  
    Calvin Brugge apparently shopped for a therapist who claimed to the court that he can be rehabilitated. His therapist also told the court that this was not the first child that Calvin Brugge had molested. I suggest that, in the interest of your children, you study the subject of child molestation. Calvin's original therapist did not feel that he could be rehabilitated. None of the books or studies I have read offer any proven help for child molesters.  
    The average molester victimizes over sixty children. In court it came out that my daughter was definitely not his first victim according to several witnesses. He is a repeat (although not previously convicted) offender. He admitted to me on a police wire tap that he knew for quite awhile that he wanted to molest my child. However, he did not seek counseling until he had committed the acts and was in fear of prosecution.  
    We believe that Calvin Brugge was conspiring with Tim Wilcox to photograph my daughter for purposes of child pornography. He put a great deal of pressure on us to allow her to pose for pictures for a supposed nudist pen pal arrangement [Robbert Broekstra's in Holland] that his daughter was also supposed to participate in. He rejected my offer to obtain pen pals for them that did not require a photo. On one occasion he actually took my daughter to Wilcox's home when she was supposed to be at [someone else's house] stuffing envelopes for a Sequoians mailing. It is my understanding that one of Tim's prior convictions was for child molestation in relationship to a conspiracy involving international trafficking in child pornography.
    After the molestations were discovered I called Mary Quinn at her home. Considering the supposed family nature of the Sequoians I thought that a child molester amongst you would be a cause for considerable concern, or at least investigation. I was totally shocked by her callous and unconcerned attitude. She informed me that there were no other children my daughter's age at the club and that since she had not seen Calvin approach other children she did not feel that there was any problem. I understand that the club member Tim Wilcox is accused of molesting on club property a girl approximately my daughter's age.  
    I have read letters Louise Flanagan has written in both Calvin Brugge's and Tim Wilcox's defense. I fail to see how Calvin Brugge could have gotten his hand into the pants of a sleeping child and place his finger inside her vagina "accidentally." At no time did Calvin Brugge apologize to my daughter. On the contrary, he has made obscene gestures to our family during a break from court proceedings and generally behaved in a self-righteous manner.
    In early December Calvin Brugge will be released from jail. Again, I suggest that you educate yourselves about his problem and take whatever steps you think are necessary to protect your children since it is obvious that your Board of Directors will not.  

Sincerely, Kelly Figueroa 
Oakland, California  

Since the writing of this letter, Calvin Brugge has been released from the Navy prison. It is unknown what nudist/naturist camps he is attending.   Reprinted from the ICONoclast. 
Copyright 1995 by Nikki Craft. 
All rights reserved